GeneXus 15 RC has been released!

“RC” stands for Release Candidate: a version with potential to be a final product. In turn, this means that we're one small step away from the big leap we will take with GeneXus 15, the much awaited technology that will be presented at GX26 and will allow us to easily connect with the digital world, without being experts in a specific programming language.

The essence of GeneXus 15 is the intelligent integration of the various technological elements that make up the digital revolution, which is reflected in this Release Candidate.

One year after the release of the first bits of GeneXus Salto Beta 1, the revamped version included software development optimizations such as Live Editing and enhanced data modeling. Today, with this Release Candidate we're introducing the nearly-perfect version of GeneXus 15.

Digital transformation:

It opens the way towards digital transformation with more options for data management and dynamic transactions, as well as more Cloud Platform providers to choose from (that is to say, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, SAP Hana Cloud Platform).

New integration solutions: 

Simplifying interoperation between different business systems has always been one of GeneXus™ major concerns, and that's why we've added a new set of tools that will help developers quickly integrate various systems. Among them are SAP HANA and OpenAPI.


GeneXus 15 RC is a whole new experience from the start! The renovation of its user-centered design can be seen from the setup to the IDE. In addition, it includes many new improvements for teamwork with GeneXus Server and the solutions generated for Web, Mobile and Workflow platforms. All the new features incorporated are listed in these two articles at the CommunityWiki:  GeneXus 15 RC y What´s new in GeneXus 15.

Download GeneXus 15 RC and get ready for what will be showcased at GX26!