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More than Low-Code

GeneXus is an artificial intelligence powered Low-Code Development Platform that hides the true complexity of creating enterprise applications and sophisticated user experiences in an ever evolving technology landscape.
A full-stack platform that increases productivity, and software's life expectancy, for the entire Software Development Life Cycle.
Creating your application

The best Code Generators in the World

With over 30 years of experience creating code generators, GeneXus provides a unique platform that captures the needs from users and generates applications for the present and future technologies, without the need of learning each new technology.

Desktop & Web

Java and .Net applications are created by the use of our Web Applications Generator.

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Web Application Generator

Legacy Code Generators

Though no longer updated, our Legacy RPG, Cobol, and Visual Fox code generators stood the test of time.

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iSeries Code Generator
No app is an island

Integration made easiest

The amount of interactions and interoperability that current applications and mission critical software solutions need cover can be daunting. Unless you are using GeneXus, which provides and almost endless stream of integration capabilities and out-of-the box connectors.
Go live

Simplified Deployment

Deploy without any particular effort to a Cloud that you know and trust. No hidden costs. You choose your most convenient Cloud provider, and we simply deploy your application to your account.

Amazon Web Services

SAP Cloud Platform


Aliyun Cloud

Cloud Foundry

Google Cloud Platform

Huawei Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Montevideo Comm

Open Shift

Change is coming.

Are you prepared?

We’ve been around for 30 years helping our customers outlive our competitors. Choose an approach to software development that gets better the more change there is.